Making Us Monsters – Uncanny Magazine

It’s finally here! The gay anti-fascist time travel WWI epistolary novelette about psychological medical experimentation gone wrong that you’ve been waiting for!

I cowrote Making Us Monsters with my Clarion classmate Sam J. Miller (amazing author of The Art of Starving) in the midst of the centennial of the declaration of World War One. It’s being published in the same week as the 99th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s Death, and the 100th anniversary of Sassoon and Owen’s farewell at Craiglockhart.

It’s a queer AF takedown of fascism and the military industrial complex, seasoned with BDSM and historical cameos. It will make you laugh and rage and cry (we hope). As they say on American Roots: If you like it, tell all your friends. If you don’t like it, don’t tell nobody.

Making Us Monsters – Uncanny Magazine

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